A family tradition.1849: when it all began

Ours is a family history marked over time by a succession of events that have brought us to today. It all began way back in 1849 when Celestino Longo created the winery; yes, because originally there was a wine shop in the heart of the historic center of the town. Precisely we are in Bovino, a small town in the province of Foggia with great historical and cultural value, which today is projected towards economic and social development without neglecting its glorious traditions. During the world wars, the business tenaciously resisted until the mid-20th century when Celestino passed the cellar into the hands of his son-in-law Luigi Giannotti. The latter, in 1966, transformed the cellar into a bar and, together with his sons Angelo and Celestino, laid the foundations for expanding the offer to the public: not only bars, but also pastry shops!

Giannotti 1966

The real affirmation of the Giannotti brand occurred in the 2000s with the arrival of Luca, barman, and Luigi Antonio, pastry chef, who gave new value to the business thanks to the production of leavened desserts. From mignons to cakes, from chocolate bars to panettones, today the Giannotti brand is a guarantee of craftsmanship, made in Italy production and lots of goodness.