Great leavened products are the symbol of the Italian confectionery tradition and panettone is certainly one of the most loved. Its artisanal production requires a lot of experience and professionalism and master pastry chef Luigi Antonio knows this well! The attention he dedicates to the individual processing steps is obsessive, precisely because of their complexity, but, above all, to guarantee the perfect result! Yes, because "perfection" is his watchword!



Its softness and goodness conquers everyone! Pandoro is one of the traditional desserts of our Christmas that most of the time makes everyone at the table agree. From the raw materials to the dough and subsequent processing, patience is a fundamental ingredient for obtaining a high quality product! The sweetness of the Giannotti house has no limits!



Let's take a leap back in time, to when as children breakfast or snack was a slice of bread and the most famous hazelnut cream in Italy... This memory inspired the production of our spreadable creams, real delicacies and sins of gluttony from enjoy as you like, even by the spoonful!


Ice creams

Ice cream is undoubtedly the most famous Italian dessert in the world. Whether in crispy cone-shaped wafers or in the classic cup, we all know the pleasure of enjoying a good ice cream. Giannotti has been dedicated to the production of ice cream since 1975, an artisanal production with the flavors of the past that come back to life. Come and discover our tastes!


Suitable for all occasions, from Sunday lunch to a simple sudden craving for dessert, we produce a vast selection of mignons every day. From traditional to more innovative ones, our pastry shop offers fresh desserts prepared with care and expert confectionery art. It's always the right time to savor a Giannotti mignon!



We create cakes for every occasion: from baptisms, to graduations, or any other occasion, our pastry art is at your disposal. From classic to customized or designer ones, Giannotti will be able to satisfy your needs. Trust us for your important event!